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Emergency plumber Brussels. Need a plumber in Brussels! Give us a call. Troubleshooting plumbing, heating and drain pipe on all of Brussels. Give us a call! repair within the hour..

Full Solutions offers its team of Plumbers available at Ixelles, Uccle and Brussels, for a facility or an emergency repair in the hours following your call or at a time that suits you best. Call us for an offer.

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Our plumbers, installers specializing in water and wastewater, drainage facilities, related or embedded are available for proper installation. Think again a supply installation and evacuation of waste water and rain is just not only pose. You need including theoretical knowledge in order to perform calculations on the design of a facility. How high should you ask the cylinder heads for the connection of your mixer, evacuation of waste water from your sink? E.g. driving sizing stormwater. Waste water, city water.

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Our plumbers have also had training on the city water treatment, the plumbers in full solutions don’t just not only to make the connection of your softener. It brings you much more. A study on your annual consumption of city water for better advise you on a water softener fits your needs, a test of the hardness of water in your home or in your area. Supply and installation of filter against impurities, water softener with or without salt and commissioning.

Our plumbers are ready to bend backwards, to make a bathroom that will make people jealous. Full solutions works with companies specialized in finishing: plastering, tiling, painting. Masonry. A bathroom of your dreams key on door and with a single contact.

Our plumbers are any type of fixtures on all of Brussels, its periphery, all Walloon and Flemish Brabant, bath, shower, sink, hand-washing, toilet, sink, furniture bathroom, washing machine, dishwasher connection. Etc.

Our plumbers are involved including in Brussels for the connection with supplies: faucets, hot and cold water flow meter, shutoff valve, check valve, reducer of pressure, double tap, tap Schell, Blender, mixer, thermostat.

Our plumbers install and ask your hot water production device, according to Belgian standards. Boiler pressure or low pressure (free flow). A small boiler of extra under the sink or a boiler for buffer, 200L, water heater, boiler, radiators.

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Troubleshooting plumbing

Our plumbers are trained for urgent repairs, rapids in Brussels, all the brabant Flemish and Walloon Brabant: leaking pipe of arrival of water or the sewage, sanitary appliances, fittings, connection fittings, siphon, devices for the production of hot water, boiler, water heater and boiler.

Plumber brussel in time

Our plumbers are involved within the hour following your call for a repair that requires an emergency within a radius of 20 km around Brussels. Our plumbers who provide emergency in Brussels are trained to carry out a repair on your installation of plumbing, heating according to Belgian standards.

plumber Brussel appointment

The team of Full solutions operates also in Brussels and its periphery in plumbing, heating and drain pipe by appointment. A plumber for a repair that does not require the emergency days after 18:00, weekends, holidays. Take contact with our plumbers and for a good price.

Call us : 0485 54 80 99

Everything is possible with Full Solutions a complete renovation of your plumbing according to your budget. For troubleshooting urgent, a plumber at home within the hour on all of Brussels and the Brabant!